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5 simple courgette recipes

With summer now well underway, we often find ourselves swamped with more seasonal veg than we know what to do with. Got a spare kilo of courgettes on your hands? Luckily, we’ve collected a variety of simple courgette recipes to help work through a glut this summer.
Haddock goujons and courgette fries
Nothing beats fish and chips on an overcast day by the sea, but warm weather often leaves us craving something a little less stodgy. The haddock here is coated in polenta and baked so that it is still deliciously crisp, but much lighter and less greasy than batter. Courgette fries are a great, low-carb alternative to chips which really stand out when sprinkled with vibrant paprika.
Tuna and courgette lasagne
Alternating lasagne sheets with strips of courgette is a simple way to make the dish less dense while adding some variation of texture and flavour. This is a cheap and easy recipe to make with store cupboard essentials if the fridge is starting to look bare. The courgette and tuna give this lasagne a wonderful summery flavour perhaps more suited to hot evenings than a traditional ragu.
Cheddar, courgette and leek tartLeek, courgette and Cheddar tart with polenta pastry
These tangy, flavoursome tarts makes a delicious lunch – the polenta really helps to give the pastry extra crunch. Eat them hot out of the oven with the cheese bubbling on top, or leave to cool and enjoy on the go – perfect for picnic season.
Courgette and pea soup
This courgette and pea soup is such a delicious and easy way to add more nutrients into our diets – it’s a delicious bowl of green goodness.
Courgette and mint frittata
Liz Earle Wellbeing frittata recipeFrittata is a wonderfully simple meal to put together and can be enjoyed as a filling breakfast or quick lunch with a good helping of salad. The eggs in this vegetarian dish provide a really good source of protein for a wholesome lunch if you’re short on time.