Wellbeing News: Age better with exercise

While the immediate effects of a workout can leave us really feeling our age – with aching muscles and creaking joints – a new report has found that the way we exercise could actually help us to age better. The report, by Public Health England (PHE) has found that too many of us are neglecting to do muscle- and bone-strengthening exercises, which will improve our health later in life.

The report suggests that partaking in activities that strengthen muscnordic walking polesle and bone and improve balance is important for all age groups, particularly middle age, as these exercises help to slow our bodies’ natural decline and maintain strength as we get older.  This can be especially helpful for preventing falls in later life, as poor muscle strength in older people can increase the risk of a fall by a shocking 76%.

In order to maintain and improve health, we should all aim to do strengthening exercises at least twice a week. Resistance training with weights is ideal for muscle and bone strengthening, but fear not if heaving dumbbells in a gym isn’t your idea of an enjoyable workout. There are plenty of activities that improve our balance and strength without us even realising. Why not try…

  • Nordic walking: Nordic walking is one of Liz’s favourite forms of exercise, and while walking may not seem like an obvious choice of strength building exercise, using poles creates a slight resistance which gives the upper body a great workout.
  • Racket sports: Racket sports such as tennis are an excellent way to improve our balance, and the fun, competitive aspect can make us forget we’re even exercising. Not only can we reap the physical benefits of tennis, it’s also a great way to rope friends into exercising with you.
  • Dancing: Dance is another effective way of bettering our balance while socialising and learning something new – maybe now is the time to join a class and realise your dream of becoming a ‘Strictly’ star…