S3E4: The Good Stuff with Lucinda Miller

In this week’s episode of Wellness with Liz Earle, Liz is joined once again by Lucinda Miller (aka. The Nature Doc). Those that tuned into episode seven will know that Lucinda is a naturopath specialising in functional medicine. In that brilliant episode, Lucinda explains why good gut health is so vitally important to both adults and children, helping to ensure their future health and development. She is back again following the launch of her new book The Good Stuff – a recipe book for children containing everything from five-veg shepherds pie to brain-boosting pancakes.

You can stream the episode below, or download the recording via iTunes or Stitcher:

Inside the episode:

  • Lucinda shares how her own health struggles inspired her to become a naturopath.
  • Liz and Lucinda discuss the benefits of functional medicine and evidence-based testing.
  • Lucinda explains how physical health affects the behaviour, mood and self-esteem of our children.
  • Liz and Lucinda chat about the problems of unhealthy school dinners.
  • Lucinda explains the link between mental health and inflammation.
  • Lucinda shares simple steps to reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Liz and Lucinda discuss the hidden ingredients in processed foods.
  • Lucinda explains how she uses purees to squeeze more nutrients into meals.
  • Lucinda shares the hidden physical reason for fussy eating in children.

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