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5 simple ways to eat for happy hormones this Christmas

The Menopause

5 of the best lubricants for menopause and beyond

The Menopause

5 ways to improve your sex life during menopause and beyond

The Menopause

Signs of low testosterone in women – and what to do about it

The Menopause

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Let’s talk about incontinence

Almost half of all women suffer from urinary incontinence at some point, but the vast majority are too embarrassed to seek help. We spill the beans on this life-limiting but entirely treatable condition, and share our top tips and gyno-gadgets for going pad-free.

Friday Five: Does HRT cause cancer?

Liz explores the cancer risks of HRT and scalding hot tea; shares a word from a top menopause medic and a recipe for gut-friendly pickled rhubarb.