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The best of British gin

Gin truly is the drink of the moment. The Wellbeing Team have rounded up the very best gins from around the British Isles in the name of botanical research.

Watermelon and mint frozen margarita

frozen watermelon margarita cocktail recipe - liz earle wellbeing

Cool off with a homemade frozen margarita filled with fresh watermelon and zesty mint. Enjoy on a summer’s evening when you fancy a cold, grown up drink.

Coconut water, viola & lime ice cubes

These delicate purple flowers will add a subtle pop of colour and instant class to any cold drink. Perfect for cocktails, mocktails or even just for fun with little ones.

Rosewater, strawberry & mint ice cubes

rosewater strawberry flavoured ice cubes liz earle wellbeing

Pop some of these gorgeous colourful flavoured ice cubes into your drink to make it literally, and visually, 10 times cooler. Instant class in a glass.