Homemade face mask: Banana skin pack

Liz writes:

All skin types will benefit from a special treatment once in a while. It can be fun to occasionally make your own – especially with teenagers who are learning about beauty and trying out different skincare routines. This gentle, fruity homemade face mask is easy to make and is excellent for moisturising and soothing tired, dehydrated skin. It also brings a bloom to tired, sallow or grey complexions. I prefer to use organically grown or un-gassed bananas (the gas is used to artificially ripen most bananas) as these do not have traces of chemicals on their skins – which could end up on my skin!

Wellbeing Wisdom

  • This mask will help to improve the look of sallow or grey complexions
  • Where possible use organically grown or un-gassed bananas so that traces of chemicals don’t end up on your skin