Bust up: improving skin on your décolletage, neckline and bust

Liz writes:

We understand you want to know how to care for the skin on your décolletage to keep yourself looking youthful. Skincare for our breasts and neck is just as important as skincare for our face and other parts of the body. The skin tissue around these areas is often soft and fine, making it some of the most sensitive, so we should take extra care to look after it. With specific treatment and care, we can help keep busts healthier and in better shape. Being aware of the dangers to skin and taking simple steps to protect and nourish target areas, results in happier, healthier bosoms! Applying UV protection to the exposed chest when outdoors and moisturising daily are also two of the simplest steps towards a better bust.

Botanical bust-improvers

While it’s not possible to fully restore stretched skin, you can help improve its look and tone by using specific treatments for daily massage. Particularly useful if your bosoms have changed due to weight loss or gain, or from pregnancy and breastfeeding. Essential oils such as fennel seed, spearmint, carrot and lemongrass are all reputed to contain rejuvenation properties which may help tone skin, enhancing elasticity and suppleness. Only a small amount of these oils (one to two drops) is needed, well diluted with a ‘fixed’ plant or base oil, such as almond or grape seed oil, which can also help to tone slack skin. Other proven botanical bust firmers include Africana kigelia, otherwise known as the sausage tree extract (pictured opposite), mangosteen, quince, green algae and white lupin.


Massaging a nourishing oil or a specific bust formula onto your bust area daily is a good way to keep bosoms supple and soft. To help prevent broken capillaries, make sure to include the area beneath the bosom and under a bra line. By massaging breasts in an upward motion for a few minutes a day, or for even better results twice a day, blood circulation is improved; strengthening skin tissue helping to keep skin firm and smooth. Massage is also an excellent way to keep in touch with any changes to breast tissue – shape, texture and sensitivity – which may be a pre-cursor to breast cancer and need a medical check-up.

Bra fitting

Wearing a poorly fitting bra can lead to both skin damage and sagging. Broken capillaries, caused by bras exerting pressure on the breast tissue, can be a common side-effect. Another way to avoid broken capillaries here is by having a regular professional bra fitting. Lingerie specialists often advise keeping underwired bras for occasional use as the wires can put pressure onto the delicate skin tissue. Opting for softer, elasticated support can be both more comfortable and kinder to your breasts.

Uplifting tips

Last but not least, using ice or extremely cold water on the breasts can also make a temporary difference to the uplift factor. Massaging a couple of ice cubes around the bust area for a few minutes, or directing an icy shower onto your bosom are both quick fixes to help leave the chest area feeling perkier.

Wellbeing Wisdom

  • Wearing a poorly fitting bra can lead to both skin damage and sagging, and underwired bras can put pressure onto skin tissue
  • Massaging a nourishing oil or a specific bust formula in daily is a good way to keep bosoms supple